Apr 21, 2020
Technical Documents (MECHATROLINK-4):
The following products were updated:
・ No.1:MECHATROLINK-4 Protocol User’s Manual
・ No.2:MECHATROLINK-4 Command Specifications for Standard Servo Profile
・ No.3:MECHATROLINK-4 Command Specifications for Standard I/O Profile
・ No.4:MECHATROLINK-4 Specifications for MECHATROLINK Device Information(MDI) file
・ No.5:MECHATROLINK-4 Specifications for MECHATROLINK Network Information(MNI) file
・ No.6:MECHATROLINK-4 Command Specifications for ID Information Acquisition Profile in Event Driven Communication
Apr 10, 2020
Measures to Prevent the Spread of New Coronavirus Infections (Extension of period)