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Jul 17, 2018 Report

Report on SYSTEM CONTROL FAIR 2017 (November 29 to December 1, 2017)

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The MMA participated in the SYSTEM CONTROL FAIR 2017 held at Tokyo Big Sight for 3 days from Nov. 29 (Wed) to Dec.1 (Fri), 2017.

As the main exhibit of the MMA booth, the MMA showcased for the first time the demo unit to demonstrate and prove the concepts of the MMA new technologies: MECHATROLINK-4 that was released in October, 2017, and -LINKII that would soon be released

A picking demo unit with parallel link robots was added to the solution demo units that introduce various MECHATROLINK application examples. These solution demo units allowed the visitors to understand a wide range of MECHATROLINK capabilities including the visualization of connected devices by coordinating IoT, M2M, and MECHATROLINK communications to implement Industrie 4.0.

The MECHATROLINK network connectivity demo unit with a rich lineup of products connected was renewed. Many new products were added to the demo unit, and operation of each product through MECHATROLINK offered advantages in the use of MECHATROLINK.

Besides the above exhibits, nine MMA member companies installed their individual exhibition tables in the MMA booth to demonstrate operations of their products connected through MECHATROLINK. The visitors could directly receive a detailed information on the product by the product developer’s staff so that the MMA booth was crowded with visitors.

On the first and third day of the exhibition, the MMA participated in the Exhibitor Presentations by giving a lecture on the new MMA technologies. And, from 16:00 o’clock on the second day, we held a Happy Hours by offering drinks and snacks in the MMA booth like last year. Although it was near to the exhibition hall closing time, many people joined the Happy Hours and enjoyed themselves watching various exhibits in friendly atmosphere.

The MMA booth received more than 5,000 visitors during 3-day exhibition.
Among those visitors, we saw many from overseas. During three days of the exhibition, we re-recognized an international and high interest in MECHATROLINK. We continue engaging ourselves in the activities to promote MECHATROLINK that backs up MONOZUKURI manufacturing sites by introducing new technologies.

MMA booth external view 1

MMA booth external view 2

Exhibit of New Technologies

concepts/Connectivity demonstration

MMA member individual exhibition tables

Exhibitor Presentations

Happy Hours 1

Happy Hours 2

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