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Jul 4, 2022 Report

Report on 2022 MECHATROLINK Members Association General Meeting and Lectures (June 6, 2022)

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Like last year, the 2022 MECHATROLINK Members Association General Meeting was held online.

The meeting opened with a speech by MMA chairman, Mr. Kenji Ueyama (General Manager, Motion Control Division, Yaskawa Electric Corp.). He offered his thoughts on the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, future trends and expectations. He also expressed his hopes for the future, sending an encouraging message to MMA member companies.

During the General Meeting, the MMA General Secretary delivered a report on activities in FY2021 and announced the FY2022 activity plan.
Although FY2021 was a more challenging year than FY2020 due to a sharp increase in the number of COVID-19 cases, we effectively used the information gained from our accomplishments to expand the use of MECHATROLINK by implementing activities at each MMA office.

In the new products segment of the meeting, two member companies, MOVENSYS Inc. and Yaskawa Electric Corporation, introduced the latest products.
They introduced the latest information on products, solutions, and efforts to support "MECHATROLINK-4", an evolving open industrial network that is the focus of rising expectations in the field of manufacturing, which has undergone major changes.

At the Keynote Speech, Mr. Ogasawara, Representative Director, Chairman of the Board and President, Yaskawa Electric Corporation, was invited to speak on the topic of "The Direction of Yaskawa Electric Corporation (i3-Mechatronics and YDX)".
We heard about the progress so far, both industry-wide and global trends, and the company's initiatives and thoughts, from the perspective of what direction the company will take in the future in response to changes in the world. And, we also heard stories related to MECHATROLINK and other industrial networks.


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