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Mar 5, 2018

NEC Corporation Joins the MMA Board Committee

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MECHATROLINK Members Association

February 8, 2018

NEC Corporation Joins the MMA Board Committee

The MMA (headquartered in Iruma, Saitama), which promotes MECHATROLINK, an open motion network that originated in Japan announced that NEC Corporation (head office in Minato-ku, Tokyo), famous for its world-renowned information communications technology, has joined the MMA Board Committee.

About the new board member, NEC Corporation

With the innovation of Monozukuri through the use of IoT (Industrie4.0), today, manufacturing sites are optimizing entire production systems by storing and analyzing the data collected from FA devices equipped in the system. NEC Corporation, a world-renowned expert in IoT and AI technologies, has joined the MMA Board Committee to contribute to the further development of MECHATROLINK by advancing IoT architecture in networked MECHATROLINK manufacturing systems.
NEC Corporation has major influence in field of ICT all over the world. The MMA expects that the participation of NEC Corporation on the MMA Board Committee will enrich and strengthen the MMA and contribute to the further growth of MECHATROLINK as an open motion network that can respond to any future needs.

About MMA Board Committee

With the inclusion of NEC Corporation, the MMA Board Committee now includes nine member companies: KEYENCE CORPORATION, M-System Co., Ltd., ORIENTAL MOTOR CO., LTD.., Schneider Electric Japan Holdings Ltd., Texas Instruments Incorporated, YASKAWA ELECTRIC CORPORATION, YASKAWA INFORMATION SYSTEMS Corporation, YOKOGAWA ELECTRIC CORPORATION, and NEC Corporation.

About MMA

Japanese name: MECHATROLINK Kyokai
Abbreviation: MMA

The MMA was established to globally promote MECHATROLINK as an open field network. Its members include nine board committee members, MECHATROLINK product developers and MECHATROLINK users. As of the end of January 2018, the total number of MMA member companies is 3,123.
The MMA has branch offices in South Korea, China, Taiwan, ASEAN, the United States, Germany, and India. These offices actively promote MECHATROLINK worldwide and support the MMA members.

Trend in number of MMA Membership
Trend in number of MMA Membership
MMA Global Support System
MMA Global Support System
Contact Information:
Head Office Representative: Takuya Miwa
Address: 480 Kami-Fujisawa, Iruma, Saitama, Japan
Website: http://www.mechatrolink.org

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