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  3. ROBO Cylinder® Controller ACON/PCON/SCON Series (MECHATROLINK Type)


  • ROBO Cylinder® Controller ACON/PCON/SCON Series (MECHATROLINK Type)
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    M-II M-III M-4

IAI CORPORATION.Updated on:Apr 4, 2019

  • Easy operation of various types such as slider, rod, rotary and gripper types of electric actuator products is enabled using I/O operation from the network master (host PLC).
  • For the position data creation, easy setting is enabled with the value entry using the PC software or teaching pendant, or direct teaching.
  • The position can be moved to the destination that is specified using the values, and monitoring for the current position, speed or command-current value, etc., is enabled.
    Model No. :
    ACON-C/CG-□-ML-0-0 (□: Motor wattage)
    PCON-C/CG-□-ML-0-0 (□: Motor flange size)
    (□: Motor flange size , Encoder/△: Input Source Voltage)


Item Specifications
Control system Positioner Operation with MECHATROLINK-Ⅰ/Ⅱ Intelligent I/O commands
Number of control axes 1 axis
Connected actuator ACON Series : RCA/RCA2 Series actuator (Servo motor)
PCON Series : RCP2/RCP3/RCP4 Series actuator (Stepper motor)
SCON Series : RCS2/RCS3 Series actuator (Servo motor)
No. of Locating Position Table Points (Maximum) 768 points (In the case of the operation with the direct value specification, the number of locating position table points is unlimited
Positioner Functions Positioning operation, pitching (incremental) movement, pressing operation (movement with torque restriction), short-cut control, speed change during the movement
I/O Functions Servo ON, Home return, Pausing input, Jog/Inching movement input, Alarm reset, Current position capturing, Positioning completion, Home return completion, Zone signal output, alarm output, Emergency stop status output, Current position/speed/command-current monitoring, etc.
Order Value Minimum
Position Order : 0.01mm, Speed Order : 1mm/sec, Acceleration/Deceleration Order : 0.01G, Pressing Current Limit Value : 100% / 256 Levels (RCS2-RA13R : 200%)
Input Source Voltage ACON, PCON Series : DC24V ±10%
SCON Series : AC100 to 150V ±10% / AC200 to 230V ±10%
External dimensions(※) ACON, PCON Series : Width 35mm, Depth 69mm, Height 178mm
SCON Series (less than 400-watts) : Width 58mm, Depth 121mm, Height 194mm
(over 400-watts) : Width 72mm, Depth 121mm, Height 194mm

(※) MECHATROLINK connector not included

MECHATROLINK specifications

  M-Ⅰ M-Ⅱ
17-byte 17-byte 32-byte
Command Intelligent I/O × × ×
Transmission cycle 2ms 1ms or more (Following the value in the master)

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