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  3. XGT PLC Motion control module


  • XGT PLC Motion control module
  • Master 控制器

    M-II M-III M-4

LSIS Co., Ltd

Motion control module adopting MECHATROLINK-Ⅱ
• Transmission speed : 10Mbps
• Transmission : 1ms/1.5ms/2ms
Enhanced performance of motion synchronization
• Perfect synchronization of Max. 16 axes
• High-speed synchronous motion control by synchronizing execution
  period of application with transmission period of network.
Efficient system
• Wiring reduction with motion control system via network
• Enhanced stability and efficiency of system through absolute coordinate
Multi-function engineering tool→ M16M software package
• Providing various function from system design to maintenance
• Automatic setting of communication & servo parameter by




Item Specifications
Control performance Control axis Moiton: 6 axes/1ms, MOV: 16 axes/2ms
Data transmission time 9 axes/1 port (MⅡ−1ms), 15 axes/1 port (MⅡ−1.5ms)
16 axes/1 port (MⅡ−2ms), 15 axes/1 port (MⅡ−17byte −1ms)
Max. number of control axis 16 axis
Max. transmission distance 50m
Count range Signed 32 Bit (−2,147,483,648 to 2,147,483,647)
Scan time setting 1.0 to 32.0ms (Unit: 0.5ms)
Memory capacity RAM 32MB (SDRAM) // 512kB (SRAM)
FLASH 8MB (Firm 2MB/User 6MB)
User Memory 6MB
Data Trace 128kW (32kW × 4Gr)
Program language Motion language No. of program: 256, No. of command: about 70, No. of simultaneous execution: 16
Memory backup FLASH
Engineering port RS-232C × 1

MECHATROLINK specifications

  M-Ⅰ M-Ⅱ
17-byte 17-byte 32-byte
Command Servo × × ×
Stepping Motor Drivers - - -
Intelligent I/O × × ×
Simple I/O × × ×
Inverter × × ×
Transmission cycle 1ms, 1.5ms, 2ms

Contact Information

LSIS Co., Ltd

Yonsei Jaedan Severance Bldg., 84-11, Namdaemunno 5-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul 100-753, Korea
TEL: +82-2-2034-4872 FAX: +82-2-2034-4713