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It is a motion controller with built-in PLC (FA-M3 made of Yokogawa Electric Corporation). It is a standalone type, and it controls NC and robot without the load of the ladder.It integrates the exact motion functions such as multi axes interpolation, synchronous control, contouring and electronic cam.It is possible to connect with PC easily, and the operation is possible from EXCEL and VB software by DLL application.It can be operated from the PLC ladder, then PC/PLC/MC operate jointly.Moreover, one PLC can easily do the line controls of the transportation, the processing, assembly, and the inspection, etc. by the parallel run of PLMC.

Application examples

Multi axes control, Robot control (Scalar, link and parallel), Semiconductor manufacturing equipment, High-speed press (Servo press and Feeder), Machining, Grinding, Bending, Cutting (Glass, Cloth, Rubber and metal), Spooling machine, Electronic cam, Handling machine, DNC processing machine, Metal processing machine, Optical forming, Transportation machine and Packaging machine


Item Specifications
Number of controlled axes Standard: 4 or 9 axes (Exclusive: 15 axes)
Axis control functions Spindle (SPIN), Same command for 2 axes (Parallel axes), Tangent control, Rotary axis surroundings processing (Infinity rotation), Flexible electronic cam, Axis unit system conversion, Sensor latch, and Diameter command (Lathe specification)
Accel./decel. control Linear type, Exponential type and S character type
Axis command Positioning, Linear interpolation, Circular interpolation, Helical interpolation, Point positioning, Torque command and Independent multi axes control
IO command Output ON/OFF, M code, and Input judgment
Other command Timer, JMP, and Logical origin setting
Coordinate system Logical coordinates and Machine coordinates
Contouring Path operation (No stop between blocks), Continuous operation of minute interpolations and Form compensation
Compensation functions BL compensation, PE compensation, Tool length/Tool diameter compensation
Network Ethernet connection (By way of PLC)
PC communication DLL connection (By way of PLC), Standard operation software and DLL
Ladder operation It instructs and controls all functionses of PLMC from the ladder.
A large amount of data Dynamic data loading (PLC)
Operation language G code, Techno code, Subprogram and Times specification CALL
Operation Manual operation, Memory operation, teaching and DNC operation (PC/PLC)
Multitasking Mastering, Slave, Reset, Background, EXIT and Alarm
Macro-function Variable, Arithmetic operation, and Condition judgment
Input processing (By way of PLC) Emergency stop, ONSW, Origin (Each axis), Logical origin setting, General purpose inputs (Ri0-48), Handle palser axis selection, Handle palser magnification, Override function, Operation mode, Effective/invalid of panel, Axis operation (Bit/code specification), and Program selection
M-Ⅱ input Servo alarm and Over travel (Each axis)
Output control (By way of PLC) SVM (Servo main power supply), ALARM, INPOS, READY, RUN, PAUSE, PRDY, MODE 0-2 (Mode output), Spindle control, General purpose outputs (Ro0-63)
M-Ⅱ output Servo ON (Each axis) and Servo reset (Each axis)
Operation panel (By way of PLC) Various automatic/manual operations and Override
Axis operation analysis Time series loging of multi axes
Exclusive use Coordinates conversion (Link and parallel) and Others
MECHATROLINK connection Σ servo, MYVIS (Image processing system), Spindle inverter

MECHATROLINK specifications

  M-Ⅰ M-Ⅱ
17-byte 17-byte 32-byte
Command Servo - × ×
Stepping Motor Drivers - - -
Intelligent I/O - - -
Simple I/O - - -
Inverter - - -
Transmission cycle   0.5ms to 4ms

Contact Information


1304-5 Shimofujisawa, Iruma, Saitama, 358-0011 Japan
TEL: +81-4-2964-3677 FAX: +81-4-2964-3322