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  • AC Servo System VCⅡ series
  • Slave 伺服驅動器

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It corresponds not only to high function direct drive servomotor (DD motor), but it is also able to fit to linear servomotor and synchroneous and induction type AC servomotor to bring out the optimal perfomance of these motors from high response to ultra low speed range.
Funtions to optimaize the motor performance

  • Auto notch filter to improve the efficency for the esonance control operation
  • 4 kinds of Gain selction functions to choose the suitable gain to match with the load condition
  • Effective resonance control filter function to control resonance at the distal end of machine.
  • Smooth startup can be done by using the special data edting software with opration function, monitoring, editing, and analysis function

AC servo driver    DD motor τ DISC
VCⅡ series       series



Item Specifications
MECHATROLINK Conmmunication Behavioral specification Position control by MECHATROLINK-Ⅲ communication
Command input MECHATROLINK-Ⅲ command (Alarm/Warning readout, Interpolation feeding, Positioning, etc.)
Output capacity
(Input power source)
50 to 200W (AC100V to 115V 50/60Hz Single phase)
0.1 to 37kW (AC200V to 230V 50/60Hz 3-phase)
0.26 to 55kW (AC400 to 460V 50/60Hz 3-phase)
Number of control axes Single axis
Control input signal Number of channels 4 points (see “Note”)
Function Emergency stop*, Zero point deceleration, Speed over ride, Positive/Negative over travel*
Control output signal Number of channels 4 points Allocating to each signals (see “Note”)
Function Servo ready, Alarm (*), Warning (*), Positioning complete, Speed zero, Torque limiting, Brake release, Soft limit switch, Marker output, Speed/Torque/Rough positioning/Pulse train mode running
Auto tuning functions Possible to tune for the case with relatively large inertia ratio by parameter setting
Gain selection fuctions • 4 kinds of gain selection are possible by High-level controller
• Capable to correspond to the position loop gain for the Gain selection

Note: The signal with * is Negative logic, and The signal with (*) is possible to for changing logic by the parameters.

MECHATROLINK specifications

Profile Standard servo
Data size 32byte, 48byte
Transmission cycle 0.5ms to 4.0ms

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