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  3. Stepping Motor αSTEP AZ Series Axes Drive MECHATROLINK-Ⅲ Compatible


  • Stepping Motor α STEP AZ Series Axes Drive MECHATROLINK-Ⅲ Compatible
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ORIENTAL MOTOR Co.,Ltd.Updated on:Apr 4, 2019

  • Introducing a multi-axis stepping motor driver from Oriental Motor that is able to connect a MECHATROLINK Ⅲ with a 2, 3 or 4 axes drive.
  • This product is designed to control our alpha STEP AZ Series closed-loop stepping motor and driver with DC power supply input along with our linear & rotary actuators with the AZ motor.
  • No battery is required because the positioning information is managed mechanically by the absolute sensor in the AZ Series. This product contribute to space savings and a lower system costs, because of a shortened machine cycle, high reliability and no external sensors required.


Item Specifications
Baud Rate 100Mbps
Transmission cycle 0.5ms, 1.0ms, 2.0ms, 4.0ms
Communication cycle 0.5ms to 32ms (increments of 0.5ms)
Node address 03h to EFh (initial value: 03h)
※AS for the master controller, extended address-compliant is required.
Command method (Operation function) Interpolation feed (INTERPOLATE), Positioning (POSING), Constant-speed feed (FEED), Positioning at Constant-speed by external input (EX_FEED), Positioning by external input (EX_POSING), Return-to-home (ZRET)
Monitor Command position, Command speed, Feedback position, Feedback speed, Alarm code, Status of driver
I/O signals Input signal Input: 4 points (Signal allocation can be changed)
Forward drive prohibition Input (FW-BLK), Reverse drive prohibition Input(RV-BLK), Homing deceleration switch Input (DEC), Latch Input1 (EXT1)
Output signal Output: 3 points (Signal allocation can be changed)
Alarm Output (ALM-B), Driver ready completed Output (READY), Motor operating Output (MOVE)
Power supply Main power supply DC24V±10% or DC48V±10%
Power supply current capacity: 7.0A
Control power supply DC24V±10%
Power supply current capacity 2-axis: 1.0A, 3-axis: 1.25A, 4-axis: 1.5A
Operating ambient temperature and humidity Ambient temperature : 0 to+50°C (+32 to +122°F) (non-freezing)
Humidity: 85% or less (non-condensing)

MECHATROLINK specifications

Profile Standard Stepping Motor Drivers
Standard servo
Data size 32byte, 48byte
Transmission cycle 0.5ms to 4ms (increments of 0.5ms)

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