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  3. Board-type Machine Controller MP2110, MP2110CP, MP2110M, MP2110MCP


  • Board-type Machine Controller MP2110, MP2110CP, MP2110M, MP2110MCP
  • Master Controller

    M-II M-III M-4


  • MP2110 and MP2110CP machine controllers provide improved throughput from host computers to servomotors.
    The MP2110 has a half-size PCI bus and the MP2110CP has a 3U Compact PCI bus. Attain high-speed motion and I/O control of connected devices from the host computer.
    The shared memory has been publicly disclosed, so the host computer is not limited to running any one operating system (OS).
  • With a two-channel MECHATROLINK port, the processing speed of the MP2110M and MP2110MCP machine controllers is twice that of the MP2110 machine controllers.
    JAPMC-MC2110 (MP2110), JAPMC-MC2130 (MP2110M)
    JAPMC-MC2150 (MP2110CP), JAPMC-MC2170 (MP2110MCP)

MP2110, MP2110CP
MP2110M, MP2110MCP



Item Specifications
Control Method Motion control with MECHATROLINK-Ⅰ or -Ⅱ using position, speed, and torque references.
Number of Controlled Axes MP2110CP : 21 axes max.
MP2110MCP : 42 axes max.
Applicable Servo Drivers MECHATROLINK-Ⅰ : SERVOPACKs in the SGDS or SGDH series with a JUSP-NS115 or JUSP-NS100 application module.
MECHATROLINK-Ⅱ : SERVOPACKs in the SGDV, SGDS, or SGDH series with JUSP-NS115 application module.
Reference Unit Minimum Setting 1=1 reference unit
Max. Programmable Value -2147483648 to 2147483647 pulses (signed 32-bit value)
Operating System MECHATROLINK mode/command mode: Any OS can be used.
APi mode: RTLinux (Model: CPMC-MPA710) RTX (Model: CPMC-MPA711)
INtime (Model: CPMC-MPA713) Windows Driver (Model: CPMC-MPA712T1)
Fast-forward Speed 1 to 131068000 [reference unit/s]
Interpolation Feed Speed 1 to 65535999 [reference unit/s]
Acceleration/Deceleration Control Linear, asymmetric, S-curve, and index.

MECHATROLINK specifications

  M-Ⅰ M-Ⅱ
17-byte 17-byte 32-byte
Command Servo × × ×
Stepping Motor Drivers × × ×
Intelligent I/O × × ×
Simple I/O × × ×
Inverter × × ×
Transmission cycle 2ms 0.5ms, 1ms, 2ms

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