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  • LNC-M600id System
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    M-II M-III M-4

Advantech-Lnc Technology CO., Ltd.

  • With Yaskawa MECHATROLINK-Ⅱ high speed configuration, LNC-M600id offers you high speed, easy wiring, broadband, and anti-noise intelligent processing functions for your machines to work on different materials.
  • Brand new LNC-M600id can use M-Ⅱ high speed line to connect with other relating devices, users can monitor and adjust servo parameters via controller screen, meanwhile users can also check each axes' alarm and loading.
  • Equipped with intelligent cutting functions, Users can optimize relating process parameters according to different materials, such as steel, aluminum, wood or copper. (acceleration/deceleration time, corner speed, servo gain, etc.)




Item Specifications
Monitor 10.4-inch TFT LCD
Memory / CF Card 64M Bytes / Industrial 64M Bytes or above
Control axes 4 Axes M-Ⅱ servo axes + 3 axes M-Ⅱ servo spindle /
4 Axes M-Ⅱ servo axes + 1 axis variable-frequency spindle or electric spindle
MPG 3 in 1 MPG
Standard I/O 20 INPUT / 16 OUTPUT
Expansion I/O REMOTE 1/2 (Max. 256 INPUT / 256 OUTPUT)
Multi-blocks Look Ahead 600 Single Blocks
Serial Communication RS-232C: 1 PORT
USB Offer USB / CF Card Interface, hot plugging: 1 PORT
LAN Ethernet: 1 PORT
OP MDIOP-8500 (Also offer customized design type)

MECHATROLINK specifications

  M-Ⅰ M-Ⅱ
17-byte 17-byte 32-byte
Command Servo - x x
Stepping Motor Drivers - - -
Intelligent I/O - - -
Simple I/O - - -
Inverter - - -
Transmission cycle   3ms, 4ms

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