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  3. RSI-2111T/RSI-2111TM (MECHATROLINK-Ⅲ driver for INtime)


  • RSI-2111T/RSI-2111TM (MECHATROLINK-Ⅲ driver for INtime)
  • Master Controller

    M-II M-III M-4

Micronet Co.

RSI-2111T/RSI-2111TM is a driver software of YASKAWA motion controllers (MP2111T/MP2111TM) for INtime (Realtime extension OS for Windows).

  • Super-high precision and Advanced high-speed motion control The control performance has been improved by speeding up of CPU and the motion network (MECHATROLINK). You can realize advanced high-speed controls such as 1 ms / 21 axes, 0.5 ms / 14 axes, 0.25 ms / 8 axes. You can realize synchronous controls with high accuracy since controlling position, speed and torque is possible with MECHATROLINK-Ⅲ network.
    You can refer to latest monitoring data at any time since all monitoring data on shared memories are undated per each communicaton.
    You can dissolve timing slippage between changing adjustable-speed and positioning instructions since it's possible to instruct adjustable-speed per a positioning instruction.
  • Powerful PC motion-control functions
    More than 40 kinds of motion-control APIs help users to create PC application programs with C language and so on.
  • Hight extensibility
    You can mount a maximum of 4 machine controller boards to 1 host PC. 1 machine controller board can control a maximum of 21 stations. Among them you are free to select how you control servo or I/O...


Item Specifications
MP2111 MP2111TM
Number of channels 1 2
Number of control axis Each channel - 21 axex (Servo axis or I/O)
Control performance Each channel - 8 axes / 0.25 ms (Communication cycle)
        - 14 axes / 0.5 ms (Communication cycle)
        - 21 axes / 1 ms (Communication cycle)
Available equipment Servo, Linear, DDmotor, Inverter, other various IO

MECHATROLINK specifications

16-byte 32-byte 48-byte 64-byte
Profile Standard servo - × × -
Standard I/O × × × ×
Standard Stepping Motor Drivers - - - -
Standard Inverter - - - -
Transmission cycle 250μs, 500μs, 1ms, 2ms

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