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  3. MECHATROLINK-Ⅲ Σ-V series AC Servo Drives


  • MECHATROLINK-Ⅲ Σ-V series AC Servo Drives
  • Slave Servo Drive

    M-II M-III M-4


  • Superlative Performance
    The best amplifier response in the industry slashes settling time. Standard use of high-resolution encoder has enabled high-precision positioning and fine processing.
  • Simple Start-up
    New Tuning-less Function
    ――Get up and running quickly after hooking up the motor
    New Advanced Autotuning
    ――Realize optimal machine performance
    New “One-parameter” Tuning
    ――Get the most from your machine
  • Outstanding Expandability
    Extensive variety of motors from 50W to 5kW. Support for linear servomotors, direct drive servomotors and linear sliders.
    Wide selection of option module will be released in the future.
    Type: SGDV-□□□□2□□ (□: dependent on a spec.)




Item Specifications
Performance Speed Frequency Characteristics: 1.6kHz (load condition: load moment of inertia JL=Motor moment of inertia Jm)
Tolrque control tolerance (repeatability): ±1%
MECHATROLINK Communications Performance Position control, speed control, and torque control through MECHATROLINK-Ⅲ communications
Command Input MECHATROLINK commands (for sequence, motion, data setting/reference, monitor, adjustment, and other commands.)
Applicable servo motor capacity 50W to 5kW
Encoder resolution 20-bit (incremental/absolute encoder), 13-bit (only for incremental encoder of SGMJV servomotors)
Input Signals Number of channels 7ch. Signal alllocations and positive/negative logics can be modified.
Function Forward run prohibited, Reverse run prohibited, Forward torque limit, Reverse torque limit, Extaernal latch signal, Homing deceleration switch signal
Output Signals Number of channels 3ch. Signal alllocations and positive/negative logics can be modified.
Function Positioning completion, Speed coincidence detection, Servomotor rotation detection, Servo ready, Torque limit detection, Speed limit detection, Break interlock, Warning, NEAR
Protective Functions Overcurrent, Overvoltage, Low voltage, Overload, Regeneratio error, Over speed, etc.
Option Module Functions Serial encoder communication input for fully-closed loop control
Compliant Standards UL*, CE marking (EMC directive, low voltage directive)*, Safety*, RoHS
Safety Functions EN954 category 3 Stop category 0, IEC61508 SIL 2
Input : Power module base block signal. Output : Safety circuit status monitor

*: Planning

MECHATROLINK specifications

Profile Standard servo
Data size 32byte, 48byte
Transmission cycle 0.125ms to 4ms

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