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  3. The advanced motion controller that puts you in control


  • The advanced motion controller that puts you in control
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    M-II M-III M-4

OMRON Europe B.V.

Trajexia is Omron's new motion platform that offers you the performance of a dedicated motion system, the ease of use you get from an automation specialist and the peace of mind you have from a global player.

  • Each axis can run complex interpolation moves, e-cams and egearboxes

Trajexia MC16



Item Specifications
Control method Motion control (Position, Velocity, Torque) by (1) MECHATROLINK-Ⅱ (TJ1-ML16 module) & (2) Analog output or Pulse train (TJ1-FL02 module)
Number of control axis 16 servo axes + 8 inverters
Control Servo Drivers MECHATROLINK-Ⅱ ; SGDS series, SGDH series + JUSP-NS115, SJDE-**ANA
Unit (minimum control unit) 32 bit IEEE Floating Point (User de ned engineering units)
Maximum command value 32 bit IEEE Floating Point (User de ned engineering units)
Motion program functions Positioning, Liner Interpolation, Circular Interpolation, Zero point search, Interruption feed, Time constance positioning, Traverse function, Electric CAM, Synchronus electric CAM, Line action, Electric gear, Following synchronization, Velocity command, Torque command
Number of MECHATROLINK-Ⅱ master units Up to 4 MECHATROLINK-Ⅱ master units TJ1-ML16 can be connected
Total cycle time Selectable 0.5 ms, 1 ms or 2 ms
Multi-tasking Up to 14 tasks running simultaneously
Digital I/O 16 Inputs and 8 Outputs freely configurable
Measurement units User definable
Available memory for user programs 500KB
Data storage capacity Up to 2 MB flash data storage
Communication ports 1 Ethernet port and 2 serial ports
Firmware update Via Trajexia software tool

MECHATROLINK specifications

  M-Ⅰ M-Ⅱ
17-byte 17-byte 32-byte
Command Servo - - ×
Stepping Motor Drivers - - -
Intelligent I/O - - -
Simple I/O - - -
Inverter - - -
Transmission cycle     0.5ms, 1ms, 2ms

Contact Information

OMRON Europe B.V.

Wegalaan 67-69, NL-2132 JD, Hoofddorp, The Netherlands
TEL: +31-0-23-568-13-00