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  3. AC Servo Drives Σ-7-Series SERVOPACKs Σ-7C Two-Axis SERVOPACKs with Built-in Controller


  • AC Servo Drives Σ-7-Series SERVOPACKsΣ-7C Two-Axis SERVOPACKs with Built-in Controller
  • 子站 伺服驱动器

    M-II M-III M-4


  • Integrating a Two-Axis SERVOPACK and Controller saves 34 mm in width.
  • The I/O required for equipment control and an Ethernet port are provided as standard features to allow you to build a small-scale equipment system based around just this one unit (no PLC required).
  • Up to six axes can be configured (two internal axes plus four external axes connected via MECHATROLINK-Ⅲ).
  • You can use Σ-7C SERVOPACKs for equipment modularization or for distributed control systems.




Servo Function Module
Item Specifications
Number of Controlled Axes 2
Capacity 200 W, 400 W, 750 W, 1 kW
I/O Voltage 200 VAC
Response Frequency 3.1 kHz
Servo I/O 12 discrete inputs and 7 discrete outputs
Safety Functions (Optional) HWBB function (STO)
Reference Method Position control, speed control, and torque control from built-in Controller (SVD)
Connected Motors Σ-7-Series Rotary Servomotors, Linear Servomotors, and Direct Drive Servomotors
Analog Monitor None
Dynamic Brake (DB) Mounted.
Regenerative Processing Built-in.
Overtravel (OT) Prevention DB stop, deceleration to a stop, or coast to a stop for P-OT or N-OT
Protective Functions Overcurrent, overvoltage, low voltage, overload, regeneration error, etc.
Utility Functions Gain adjustment, alarm history, jogging, origin search, etc.
Engineering Tool SigmaWin+ (USB connection and Controller connection)


Controller Function Module
Item Specifications
Communications interface Ethernet (100 Mbps)
Scan Time Settings H Scan 500 μs to 32 ms (in 250-μs increments)
L Scan 2.0 ms to 200 ms (in 0.5-ms increments)
MECHATROLINK Built-in MECHATROLINK-Ⅲ Minimum communications cycle: 125 μs
Applicable Devices I/O, AC Drives, Servo Drives, and Stepping Motor Drives
Number of Controlled Axes Built-in SVC 4 axes
SVD 2 axes
SVR (virtual axis) 4 axes
Maximum Number of Controlled Axes 6 axes
USB Interface Provided (for storage device).
Onboard I/O 16 discrete inputs, 16 discrete outputs, and 1 pulse input channel for Controller
Backup Memory Memory Capacity Non-volatile memory (No battery required.)
Memory Capacity Data Tracing 256 Kwords
Table Data 1 Mbyte
M Registers 1 Mword
Memory Capacity (Flash Memory) Program 15 Mbytes
Calendar Backup EDLC (No external battery required.)
Engineering Tool MPE720 version 7

MECHATROLINK specifications

16-byte 32-byte 48-byte 64-byte
Profile Standard servo - - × -
Standard I/O × × × ×
Standard Stepping Motor Drivers - - × -
Standard Inverter - × - ×
Transmission cycle 125μs, 250μs, 500μs, 1ms

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